Welcome to CiscoAutomationFramework’s documentation!

The CiscoAutomation Framework is designed to be a library in Python that abstracts away CLI navigation and scraping so a network administrator can interact with a Cisco device and they need to worry much less about parsing output or navigating to the correct CLI section when issuing commands.

Example Usage

Basic connection to a device:

from CiscoAutomationFramework import connect_ssh
ssh = connect_ssh('ipaddress', 'username', 'password')

You can also use a context manager (recommended) so you dont have to worry about closing the connection:

from CiscoAutomationFramework import connect_ssh

with connect_ssh('ip', 'username', 'password') as ssh:
   mac_table = ssh.mac_address_table


There are integrated output parsers so you can have an easy way of interacting tables that are complex to parse:

from CiscoAutomationFramework import connect_ssh
from CiscoAutomationFramework.Parsers.InterfaceStatusParser import InterfaceStatusOutputParser

with connect_ssh('ip', 'username', 'password') as ssh:
   output = ssh.send_command_get_output('sh int status')

parser = InterfaceStatusOutputParser(output)
for entry in parser.interfaces:
   print(f'{entry.name} - {entry.vlan} - {entry.status} - {entry.description}')

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